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Career Opportunities

Business Service

Financial Planning for Key Executives

Attracting and retaining key employees is vital to the success of any business. Offering a discretionary benefit like personal financial planning for your key personnel gives them an acknowledgement of their contribution to the organization and helps them build a sense of security while actively employed by your company.

Retirement Plan Fiduciary Services

Plan trustees serve in a fiduciary role and are expected to fulfill certain responsibilities. Fiduciaries are subject to a certain standard of conduct as well as a duty to act prudently on behalf of plan participants. Failure to do so may make plan trustees personally liable to restore any losses to the plan.

Hiring us to act as one of your company’s plan fiduciaries can relieve you of many of your fiduciary responsibilities, because we structure a formal agreement to assume that responsibility We develop a formal fiduciary review process, where we annually review the plan’s fees including: investment product, expenses, investment choices and performance vs. peer investments, administrative costs, plan administrative and recordkeeping expenses, trustee/custodial expenses, start up/ conversion expenses, termination expenses and convert them to that of other service providers.

Retirement Plan Design and Implementation

Many factors such as business size, cash flow, and contribution flexibility will affect the design and implementation of a retirement plan. Once we understand what you want the retirement plan to provide in terms of tax deductions and employee benefits when can provide recommendations and explain what each plan will do and the employer as well as employee can expect in terms of benefits.

Cash Management Services

Understanding your company's need for liquidity enables us to assist you in putting idle cash to work in diversified low risk investments while maintaining your liquidity.

Buy-Sell Agreements

Ensuring there is a legally binding agreement between co-owners of a business governing the situation if a co-owner dies or otherwise leaves the business.